6 Expert Approved Architecture Marketing Tips

The concept of architecture marketing has become very common especially among individuals who are seeking to grow and expand their architectural business. However, strategies are changing with many architectural firms trying to embrace the dynamic needs of clients. But the most important thing is to ensure that you build a relationship between your architectural firm and clients. You need to connect with clients who are in need of architectural services. This should then be followed by offering them excellent services to meet their needs. Here are the tips of architecture marketing.

Be Clear

It doesn’t matter the kind of tools and strategies you use to develop your architectural business. You should first clarify who you are and the kind of services that you provide. It is advisable that the name of your firm includes the word architecture. This will sell it better because it will communicate about the kind services that you offer. Then proceed by specifying exactly what you do. For instance, carrying out planning, interior design, landscape design and many more.

architecture marketing

Help Clients Clarify Their Goals

You should know that clients rely on your expertise to achieve their objectives. You should therefore be able to investigate, guide, analyze and provide alternatives. You should also be able to solve their problems. These are key issues that you need to put into consideration when carrying out architecture marketing.

Use Available Opportunities To Attract Clients

This may seem to challenging but when you maximise on opportunities, it is very easy to attract clients to your architectural firm. You can bring them to your business by joining trade organisations. This will enable you meet different individuals who are in need of architectural services. Tell them what you do. You can also find clients by attending seminars and trade shows, participating in conferences, writing a press release, newsletter and many more. The thing here is to ensure that your idea reaches many people who can become potential clients.This is a good strategy in architecture marketing.

Research On What Clients Want

It is important that you carry out research on the internet to find out what many clients are looking for. This will enable you come up with the best architecture marketing strategies based on their specific needs. You will also create content that matches your target audience.

Capture Contact Information

You need to capture people’s contact information whenever they visit websites. Use the information to direct them to leads. This includes the services you offer, useful material e.g newsletter pdf, eBook and many more.

Use Social Media

You can use various social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube channel, whatsapp and many more to carry out architecture marketing. This can be done by creating a facebook page about your firm and the services you provide. Your friends can become your potential clients.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above tips are very effective and will ensure success in architecture marketing. If you want your architectural business to grow, you should try to apply them. Things will never be the same because your firm will expand tremendously. GUARANTEED.

Accountant Toronto Helps Small Businesses

accountant in toronto

There are many misconceptions about small businesses.  One of them involves the need to secure the services of good accountants.  Many small business owners feel that they should minimize the accounting services they ask for, primarily because they are small and can only spend so much.  But what many people don’t realize is that small businesses are usually start-ups and the first attempt of their owner to venture into commerce.  That means that these small business owners may not be equipped to handle the intricacies of running a business.

A small store looks simple enough to run.  There are people who would actually say, “you buy low and you sell high” and that’s all there is to it.  In the old days before cities, health and sanitation department, trade and industry regulations and revenue agencies, that would be correct.  But now, such seemingly simple commercial pursuits involve regulations, requirements and licenses that are complex enough to be daunting to many first time business owners.  This is where accountant Toronto earns his living, and makes life easy for the novice small business owner.

New small business owners may not be experts in bank reconciliation, but that does not excuse them from the need to have their bank transaction details correctly.  An incorrect bank balance record can expose them to the possibility of penalties for insufficiently funded checks, going below the allowable cash balance, and making incorrect business decisions.  Bank reconciliation is also a good way to detect and prevent embezzlement; it is also designed to provide warning flags about checks presented to the bank for unauthorized expenditures/fraud.  Having an accountant handle bank reconciliation, at least until such time as the owner masters it, is a big advantage.  This allows the business owner the time to concentrate on his core business activity, to concentrate on making profit.

While most business activities are established to generate profit, not all of them manage to do that; some fail miserably.  The worst part is that many of those who fail are small businesses whose owners find out they are losing money too late to be able to take corrective measures.  That is one of the advantages of a professionally prepared income statement.  They allow the owners to know whether he’s making money or losing and by how much.  An income statement also helps identify improvements which can be undertaken to increase revenue.  Accountant Toronto helps the small business owner file accurate income taxes thus avoiding unpleasant encounters with the Canadian Revenue Authority.   Visit www.srjca.com to find some of the best accountants in the Toronto area.

There is also a need to maintain a properly maintained balance sheet that provides a value of the business at any given time.  It provides view of payables, receivables, collection rate, and cash flow.  This document also helps the owner make sound financial decisions like expansion, downsizing or even closing.

There may not be enough appreciation of the value of a clean general ledger prepared by accountants. Members of professional associations like the Certified Management Accountants Ontario can make sure your ledgers are properly maintained and do not invite scrutiny from the authorities, banks and business associates.

Therefore, it can be argued that small businesses need the services of good accountants just as much as big ones.

Accountant Mississauga are Tax Wizards


Many people get in trouble because they of attempts to evade paying taxes.  Sooner or later they get caught and that is when their problem worsens.  What they should be doing is minimizing the taxes they need to pay.  Tax evasion and minimizing the taxes you have to pay are two very different things.  Tax evasion leads to fines and jail time even.  Hiring the services of a competent competent accountant Mississauga, on the other hand, legally reduces the taxes you owe.

When it comes to taxes, most of us will be surprised by the volume of tax rules and tax breaks we don’t know about.  And if we don’t know about them we cannot take advantage of the benefits they offer.

Just a few examples of Canadian tax breaks few avail of:

a)       If they are paid in the same year, moving expenses, child care expenses, safety deposit box fees, charitable donations, political contributions, medical expenses, alimony, union and professional dues, interest and carrying charges, are deductible from taxable income.

b)      Under new laws, a maximum of 50% of pension income from one individual may be transferred to a spouse with a lower income.  This results in significant reduction in taxes due.

c)       You can ask your children over 18 years of age to invest in your own company to earn dividends of tens of thousands of dollars without having to pay taxes.  This is because of the cost of their education is deductible.

There are much more legal strategies for reducing tax liabilities that only a professional accountant Mississauga will know about.